Rayman Creator Discovers Long Lost SNES EPROM Cartridge


Michel Ancel has been highlighted recently thanks to the upcoming Beyond Good & Evil 2 release. This week, however, Michel has taken online to showcase his old work on a project that never released. Now, after first believing the project to be lost for over twenty years, the creator has stumbled upon the missing EPROM cartridge of the unreleased Rayman video game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Rayman fans have something to rejoice about as the creator of this series, Michel Ancel, has officially discovered his old original project for the video game. Originally, the development for Rayman was meant to see a release for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, but after CD-ROM became more mainstream with consoles such as the original Sony PlayStation, Michel, and his team dropped the project and moved on towards CD-based consoles.

Earlier last week, Michel Ancel took to Instagram to show off some of the pixel artwork he did for the initial project video game over twenty years ago. According to the post, the project files have all been lost, that is until recently when he came across the EPROM for the SNES.

Much to everyone’s delight, the project was once again shown off, giving some insight of what could have been. It was noted in a post that the video game was still working and only four people in the world had witnessed the title. Furthermore, Michel teased saying that he should revive the project for a Nintendo Switch release.