Gears of War 4 Will Add Weapon Balancing, Harsher Penalties for Quitters


Gears of War 4’s developers, The Coalition, have announced that they are working on some changes for their recently released shooter.

One major change coming to the game is the implementation of harsher penalties for players who quit games early. The studio will be including the change in its upcoming update, but says that they’re looking into releasing it ahead of everything else due to the significance of the update.

The studio is also working on abuse with Horde mode and how some players abuse the scoring system. Due to the changes they plan on implementing, the leaderboards will be wiped to make sure cheaters don’t rise to the top.

Beyond these two changes, the studio will be adding some balance fixes to the game’s weapons, including the Lancer, Gnasher, and Hammerburst. Likewise, matchmaking will also be tweaked for gamers to find matches more easily.

PC Crossplay Request / Inability to find matches in Core & Competitive

We will be experimenting with Social crossplay weekends. During this time we will be looking at backend telemetry on the performance of players. After we gather some information, we will look into what we can potentially do for further crossplay opportunities. We will also be looking into offering Bonus XP in specific modes that will be constantly rotating either each day or on a weekly basis to help incentivize people to try out each of our different game modes. This would be for both platforms XB1 and PC. We will keep you posted on when these updates hit.

You can read the rest of the updates here.