Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found Is Out Now on Xbox One and PC


Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found is described as a “Metroidvania”-style action-platformer that takes the player back to a world where their childhood nightmares lurk. Toy Odyssey was created by Vietnamese developer Hiker Games and Digital Smash helped to bring this game to console. With the help of Zennabyte marketing, some fresh ideas and thoughts were added to achieve the goal of a console debut.

Steve Sheppard, Technical Lead for Digital Smash, spoke about the difficulty of the game. “Toy Odyssey is meant to be hard, but it just keeps you coming back. It’ll take real skill and determination to explore the house, upgrade your equipment, and take down the darkness!” He continued, “Figure out each enemy’s patterns, build up your base to defend the room against being ransacked, and collect diary entries to uncover the mysteries of the house!”

The key features of the game include:

  • Unlimited replayability with procedural level generation
  • Metroidvania style puzzles and mission
  • Challenging gameplay as a callback to the difficulty of classic games
  • Beautifully detailed art, reminiscent of 8-bit and 16-bit platformers
  • Over 30,000 lines of (skippable) dialogue for those who enjoy a good story
  • Hundreds of weapon and item upgrades with a detailed crafting system
  • More than 300 types of enemies, as well as seven bosses
  • Base Defense gameplay mechanics

Toy Odyssey: The Lost and The Found is out now for Xbox One and PC, and a PS4 release is soon to follow. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.