New Indie FPS Features Art By 7-Year-Old

What you're looking at is called Numbergun, a "7 Day First-Person Shooter" (Or #7dfps) on what is apparently its second day of existence. The game features the programming of 42-year-old Jamie Fristrom and the art of 7-year-old Sofia Fristrom. 

Ponycorn comparisons aside, the FPS actually has a pretty unusual style: your enemies are large, sentient numbers and your guns (mapped to the numbers on your keyboard) shoot missiles at them shaped like small airplanes. Naturally.

Numbergun is playable right now online, and while it's rough, you can see the kernel of a pretty cool idea: the numbers will only attack if you get too close, but you have to have collected enough ammo to shoot them from afar. 

And, if you can't tell already, it's pretty darn trippy. I mean, just look at that sun. 

Via: GameDevBlog