Revive Skytree Village in the New Harvest Moon Game


Personally I always got Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing mixed-up for some reason. The basic idea of both games was that your main character was responsible for cultivating the resources of the world and helping the area flourish. But Animal Crossing had anthropomorphic animals, whereas Harvest Moon takes on a more human approach to it’s farming simulator game. The overall core of the series since it’s initial title in 1996 has the main character player taking over a plot of land that’s been long abandoned and in a state of disarray, and throughout the game they slowly bring it back together. The newest of these games is Skytree Village, and a new trailer shows us how bad things had gotten there.

The Oasis of the Harvest Goddess and Skytree Village was once a vibrant place, but once the diety’s powers weakened, the health of the environment took a toll and dried the land. The main protagonist’s mission is to bring the seven Skytrees back to life again and return the city to it’s previous glory of prosperity. To do that, they’ll need to get down and dirty on the farm. Players will have a variety of terraforming tools to raise and lower the land, as well as creating rivers and ponds among other geographical interests. Catch fish, cultivate crops, and find new types of flowers to grow your collections. One of the features of the game is the ability to get married and raise a family. There are three bachelorettes that were introduced: Jeanne is a herbal doctor in training, Elise aspires to become a great Chef like her father, and Melanie is an interior designer and the granddaughter of the town’s blacksmith.

Harvest Moon: Skytree Village comes out for Nintendo 3DS on November 8th. To learn more about the game, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.