Mount & Blade Developers Announce New Title

Snowbird Game Studios, developers of Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword, has announced a new project, titled Caribbean. TaleWorlds Entertainment, creators of the Mount & Blade series, will also be helping with development. Caribbean takes place in the 17th Century where the world is ruled by pirates and players can battle on land or at sea.

Full features include:

-Sea battles with intuitive and easy control system

-The real-time boarding fights that throw player in the center of the action

-Detailed management and customization of both the fleet and the crew

-Complex siege system allowing the players to storm forts, harbors or entire cities

-Different kinds of artillery: shipboard cannons, mortars and howitzers

-Random-events system that keeps players questioning their decisions during their voyage

-True Carribean atmosphere of the vast and dangerous world

-Unique NPCs whose design is based on real historical figures

-Various multiplayer modes featuring sea and land battles, boarding and sieges

Caribbean is being built within the same engine as Mount & Blade and has a tentative release date of Fall 2012.

Via Beefjack