Meet the Civilization VI Leader of Russia


With Civilization VI’s release only a few weeks away, the introductory video series on the developer’s YouTube channel showing us the factions for the game is drawing to a close. But they’ve now shown us one of the last places yet to be seen as of this point – now revealing Russia and the country’s leader, Peter the Great.

Peter the Great was born in 1672 and he’s remembered as the first Emperor of Russia. But moreover, his reformation efforts brought the country out of the medieval period, modernizing the military and centralizing the government infrastructure. Russia’s special ability gives them extra territory whenever they found a city, getting extra faith and production from tundra tiles. Russia’s unique unit the Cossack is a stronger version of the Calvary unit that can also move after they attack. Russia’s unique district is The Lavra, and whenever you use a Great Person at a city with a Lavra, you add a tile to the city’s overall culture border. Peter’s Grand Embassy ability grants Russia science and culture from trade routes with more advanced Civs.

Civilization VI arrives on October 21st for PC (Mac/Linux). More information can be found on their website, Twitter, and Facebook. Better yet, poke through the archives on Gameranx if you want to read up on the rest of what’s planned for the game.