Cinefix Releases 8-bit Cinema Of Stranger Things

When Stranger Things first released on Netflix it became a hit and an incredible throwback to the 1980s. While most of us have quickly streamed through the first season, eagerly awaiting for the next installment to launch, fans have been giving viewers an interesting take on what Stranger Things would look like as a retro video game.

There are plenty of elements that went into the creation of Stranger Things. The creators behind the hit series, the Duffer brothers, have admitted to their inspiration taken from such video game titles as the Silent Hill series.

Today, we’re finding out about Cinefix’s 8-bit Cinema take on Stranger Things, which looks like something we would love to play if it ever comes into existence. You can view the entire four-minute video posted above, though the video will spoil the Stranger Things series if you have yet to watch it on Netflix.

As for an actual video game adaptation of Stranger Things, the creators have expressed an interest in a retro video game take on the series. In the past, the Duffer brothers have spoken with IGN where they mentioned that they would love to see an old school 8-bit video game to bridge the gap between the original Stranger Things season and the upcoming season two. However, there doesn’t appear to be any official announcement on a video game.