Former Sony Executive Thinks Back To PlayStation 3 Shaky Launch


There’s some stiff competition in the video game industry as Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo is preparing to launch their next big consoles into the market, even if two of these companies are simply releasing updated current generation consoles. However, during the last generation, Sony was fighting uphill with the release of their highly expensive PlayStation 3 console.

You might recall Jack Tretton, a former PlayStation executive who was made CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment of America, or otherwise known as SCEA, months before the PlayStation 3 console launched. Speaking to IGN, Jack Tretton admits that it was a tough sell.

During the interview, Tretton states that because of how difficult the PlayStation 3 was to develop and manufacturer, the price was not going to be consumer-friendly. Even launching for $600, the console was still causing Sony to lose plenty of money.

“It was difficult to develop for, it was difficult to manufacture…so at the price it came out at, everybody knew that wasn’t a consumer-friendly price. Amazingly, that was losing a lot of money for Sony, even at that price.”

While in a variety of aspects the PlayStation 3 topped the Xbox 360, Microsoft’s console was able to launch early and cheaper giving them the upper hand. Having to deal with the stressful launch, Jack Tretton described the time as being made the captain of the Titanic just before it hit the iceberg.

Luckily, the company made a comeback with their PlayStation 3 console launch and competition is stronger than ever.