Now Available: Clustertruck


Landfall Games and tinyBuild have ushered forth the Truck-pocalypse with their newly released Clustertruck game. To get to the heart and soul of what this title is about, check out a gameplay trailer that goes over the basics.

The main premise of Clustertruck is jumping from truck to truck in order to reach a goal, all without touching the ground area of a level. While the outset of it may look easy, the campaign mode adds more cruelties such as hammers, flamethrowers, and lasers as you progress. But you won’t be left empty handed either, as you’ll eventually unlock tools of your own: Truck Cannon, Grappling Hook, and the ability to control time should all be useful to you in some way. In-game level editors and steam workshop support puts the power in the community’s hands to create Clustertruck levels and share them. The game has Twitch integration, allowing the audience to throw some curveball challenges (exploding trucks, bouncy trucks, changed gravity, etc.) at the broadcaster.

Clustertruck is available now for PC (Mac/Linux) and PS4. To learn more about the game, check out the developer’s website, Twitter, and Facebook.