Jotun Developers Unveil Sundered

You might recall Jotun, an action title based on Norse mythology that released last year. One of the key aspects that really captured the attention of gamers around the world was the indie developers, Thunder Lotus Games, hand-drawn art design. Today, we’re learning about the developer’s next upcoming video game that brings the same appealing art style, Sundered.

Sundered is another adventure action title with non-linear gameplay, massive boss battles, and to top it off, multiple endings. According to the press release that was sent over earlier today, Sundered stars Eshe, a wanderer in a ruined and trapped world filled with eldritch horrors.

As players battle their way through the enemies, you’ll be able to harness power from corrupted relics, but through the use of these powers, players will find that it will have a cost of their humanity. As mentioned before, the video game art style is similar to Jotun where gameplay looks similar to hand-drawn animation which you can view in the announcement trailer posted above.

So far, the video game doesn’t have a specific release date just yet, though it will be launching sometime next year, 2017. For now, take a look at the announcement trailer above and the game gallery located right down below.