Campo Santo’s Firewatch Film Adaptation In The Works

A deal has been made between both Good Universe and video game development studio Campo Santo, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Through this deal, both companies are able to further work on new projects for both video games and feature films. One of the first projects happens to be a film adaptation of Campo Santo’s first video game release, Firewatch.

The video game was based within the 1990s where players take the role a fire lookout named Henry. With only being able to communicate with his supervisor, Delilah, via a walkie-talkie, Henry quickly unfolds a mystery surrounding the woods in his immediate area.

Overall, the video game has sold quite well and being a walking simulator type video game, this would make an already easy title to create a film adaptation of. For now, there is no word in terms of just who may be in the cast or the director of this film.

Furthermore, there have been no statements on what other projects may be in the works outside of the Firewatch film adaptation. Regardless, with a studio that focuses more on narrative and compelling storylines, this could be a fitting partnership.