New Awakenings and Raid Content Added to Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online
continues to expand with the release of new “Awakenings” for each of the game’s many classes. As a Korean-developed title, gamers in Asia will be the first to receive these Awakenings before they arrive in North America and Europe.

Just as the Warrior awakening was recently released for Western players, Korean gamers are now getting a taste of the new Witch awakening. The game’s developer Pearl Abyss has released a new trailer showcasing the class’s awakening, which grants it the powers of lightning and earth magic.

Wizard players will also have something to look forward to as the trailer teases the awakening of the class towards the end of the trailer. Check it out below.

The Sorceress got her awakening just a few days ago, the trailer for which can be seen below. In addition to her awakening, the new update has also added a new world raid boss called the Ancient Kutum. A hunting boss called Khalk has also been added.

As always, Black Desert Online remains free to play and is currently available at a discounted price for starter players for $9.99. Additionally, the Traveler’s and Explorer’s packages have had their price reduced by 30% and are available for $19.99 and $34.99, respectively during the sale period.