Titanfall 2’s Pilots Are Amazing Acrobats, Here’s A New Trailer

EA has released a new trailer for its upcoming mech-based FPS, Titanfall 2. The new trailer focuses on pilots, the highly skilled, acrobatic future warriors who wall-run and are the only ones trained to pilot the large Titans that dominate the battlefield.

The Titan is an extension of the pilot, so they can do everything a pilot can do, if not more—all with the added benefit of being surrounded by tons of armor and wielding much bigger guns.

The trailer below showcases the speed and dexterity of the pilot, who can run circles around ground forces as he fills them full of lead. As previously mentioned, the pilot can wall run, double jump and even hover to traverse over vast distances.

Titanfall 2 comes out on October 28 for the PC, Xbox One and PS4. It is no longer exclusive to Microsoft platforms, unlike the first game.