Meet the Civilization VI Leader of Rome


We’ve seen various leaders and personalities throughout the Civilization VI introductory series. Today, we get introduced to the person in charge of a somewhat familiar territory when it comes to strategy games. For Rome, they’re led by Trajan.

An iconic figure in the legacy of the country, Trajan was the emperor of Rome from 98 AD to the time of his death in 117. Even though he was born in Spain, Trajan was one of the Empire’s most successful leaders – expanding the domain of Rome to it’s furthest possible reaches. The special ability for the faction in-game is All Roads Lead to Rome, starting all of their cities with a trading post, and new cities within the trade route radius of it’s capital start with a road leading to them. The routes earn extra gold for passing through trading routes in Rome’s cities. The Legion unique unit has an additional engineering function that allows them to build forts and roads. Replacing the Aqueduct is the Baths tile improvement, providing more housing and amenities than its predecessor. Trajen’s Column leader ability allows cities to start with one free building in the center.

Civilization VI arrives on October 21st for PC (Mac/Linux). To stay in the loop about the game, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook. Skim through the archives here on Gameranx if you want to read up on the rest of the factions that are planned for the game.