A New God Eater Project Has Started


The Aragami creatures came about sometime in 2050, and they ended up pushing mankind to extinction because of their capacity to consume nearly anything. They can’t be defeated by any form of average weapon. A group known as the Fenrir goes after the Aragami using God Arcs (made from Aragami themselves), and the term “God Eater” is given to those who are trained in slaying the beasts.  God Eater started out as a video game series back in 2010, and Bandai Namco recently announced that a new project for that was in development. It hints that the Fenrir themselves might possibly have been defeated.

We don’t know much more beyond what we see in the teaser currently. But for people who haven’t heard of this series before, it takes place in 2071. The Fenrir company created a biomechanical weapon capable of fighting off the Arargami, and the story focuses on humanity’s counter-attack to these seemingly invincible creatures. God Eater and God Eater 2 are the core titles. The first God Eater was released back in 2010 for the PSP in Japan, and God Eater Burst‘s release in March 2011 brought the game to the West. This remake was in itself remade by 2015 and released as God Eater Resurrection for PS4 and Vita, with the intention of bridging both the story and gameplay elements from God Eater 2 back into the original. In itself, God Eater 2 is the proper sequel, and it added gun types and Character Episode stories to the core of the game. God Eater 2 Rage Burst was the remake for that game, adding more story after the ending and rebalancing the gameplay difficulty.

It’s unknown when the game will release, but stay tuned to Bandai Namco’s Twitter and Facebook for that news whenever it arrives.