Escape From Tarkov Release New Gameplay From the Alpha Version


Battlestar Games is releasing a new video comprised of gameplay footage from the Escape From Tarkov closed alpha that is currently in progress.

Escape From TarkovĀ is a hardcore online game that combines FPS/TPS with RPG elements. The game uses multiple system modules for ultimately immersive gameplay and a complete feeling of reality, as it is a hazardous environment combat simulator.

The video shows off the different weather climates and times of day, all from the perspective of a former operative of the United Security (USEC), one of the two Tarkov factions. The ex-operative moves across different locations, waging war against the former partners from USEC and Scav marauders.

The video shows off action packed battles, but also the trading interfaces, weapon modding, several locations, various combat situations and weapon applications. The trailer showcases such environmental factors as daylight time changes, lighting effects, and weather conditions.

The fighting takes place in varying operating conditions: long range and close quarters, open areas and and cover-rich locations in the broad daylight and at night with flashlights and NVDs.

The closed beta-testing of Escape from Tarkov is planned for 2016. Sign up for beta on the official website at:

Players can unlock access to Escape from Tarkov as early as closed testing stage by placing a pre-order on the project’s official website: