Star Trek Online Dated

Good news for Trekkie fans, Cryptic and Atari have confirmed that their long-awaited new MMO, the officially licensed Star Trek Online, will be shipping earthdate February 2, 2010 in North America and February 5 in Europe.
Cryptic Studios is still accepting applications from gamers wanting to play the beta version of its upcoming MMO, Star Trek Online. The closed beta, which started mid October, gives players the chance to design unique characters and alien species, and explore both the space and ground-based gameplay. In space, players will be captain of their own starship, complete with numerous customization options and unique crew abilities. Players will also be able to lead away teams onto planets and space stations where they will rescue scientists, shoot Klingons and, presumably, teach blue-skinned alien women the tender secrets of love.
Head over to the Star Trek Online Website for more details on the beta.