This is What a Level 60 Hardcore Character Death Looks Like in Diablo 3

Hardcore is not for the faint of heart. Requiring plenty of skill, effort, and patience, playing a hardcore character is a constant gamble against potential lag and the threat of dying to a mistake hovers over you like the Sword of Damocles.

The rewards—or at least the personal rewards—for creating a high level character who has made all the way to Diablo on the game’s hardest difficulty—Inferno—exists for the players who choose to tread on this difficult path.

To that end, Arch00 has put up a video of what it looks like to die at the hands of Belial by making the mistake of “zigging when he should’ve zagged” (to steal a quote from redditor Ultramerican). His partner’s request for him to leave upon his death is the icing on this bitter slice of cake.

“My barb friend survived after I left. Lost some great legendaries and one of the best 1h weapons currently in HC but oh well,” wrote Arch00.

Down, but not out, Arch00 plans to make another Hardcore character with the equipment he has left in his stash.