Pokemon Sun and Moon Take Place 12 Hours Apart


Pokemon Sun and Moon just added another layer of complexity to their game. In the newest announcement video, we get to meet not only new Pokemon – but we see more story features and gameplay content that’s coming our way. Pokemon Sun starts in the daytime, while Pokemon Moon starts at night.

In a surprise twist, we’re introduced to a Pokemon that’s actually named Type: Null. After that, we met a new Dragon Pokemon named Jangmo-o. We also got to see Raticate take on an Alola form, similar to the Rattata one revealed previously. Next, the Aether Foundation is unveiled. They’re a group of people that are dedicated to helping Pokemon and stopping the evil plans of Team Skull. Pokemon Sun and Moon will also apparently have a photography feature that let’s players get a Pokemon Snap type of experience. Ultra Beasts are a new addition to the series. According to the Pokemon website, these creatures are powerful monsters that have code names of their own. We get to meet UB-01 very briefly at the end of the video.

Pokemon Sun and Moon releases on November 18th for Nintendo 3DS. To learn more about the game, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.