World of Warcraft: Legion App Lets Players Complete Tasks on Mobile

wow-legion-companion-appWorld of Warcraft: Legion players will be able to finish some of their tasks away from the keyboard when the app is released this week.

Blizzard has announced and detailed the companion app for World of Warcraft: Legion. The app will be available starting tomorrow for Android and iOS devices.

The app allows you to do a multitude of things while you’re away from the game. You can manage a few tasks in your Order Hall, such as upgrading or changing previously selected upgrades.

The Followers tab allows you to recruit new followers, send them on missions, or manage your existing followers’ equipment. The Recruit section of the app allows you to train new troops.

The Missions tab lists all missions your character currently has available, see rewards for these missions, assign champions to the task, and check up on your progress.

You can start missions from the same tab and complete them when you’re done. Once you reach level 110, you will unlock World Quests and can see all of your active World Quests right from the app.