Sony CEO Interested In Mobile Gaming Market


When it comes to smartphones, dedicated video games to the platform are oversaturated. There are brand new video games released on a daily basis and it wasn’t long before select big name titles received successful ports on the platform. Then, all of the sudden, Pokemon Go released, giving gamers all over the world the itch to once again catch them all and become a Pokemon master.

Since its big release, there are bound to be plenty of interested developers and executives that might find the smartphone mobile market something that should be tapped into. At the very least, it has Sony CEO, Kaz Hirai interested.

Recently the Sony CEO spoke to the Financial Times, which was reported by Polygon. During the interview, Kaz Hirai made mention of Pokemon Go and the amount of success Nintendo found within the smartphone mobile market.

While not directly stating that the company will be seeking more video games to reach the smartphone mobile market, it’s certainly something that has hit the CEO’s radar. Additionally, the mobile platform for Sony hasn’t been doing all that well stateside when it comes to the PlayStation Vita compared to the previously released Sony handheld PlayStation Portable.

Regardless, there are other ventures that are at the forefront for Sony. We not only have the PlayStation VR set to release soon but an announcement for the PlayStation 4 Neo along with the PlayStation 4 Slim. We’ll likely hear these consoles more in-detail during Sony’s upcoming event held within New York City on September 7, 2016.