Super Mario Maker Coming to Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo had a big Nintendo Direct show today, centered around their future plans for the Nintendo 3DS. Among the avalanche of announcements and reveals, we learned that Super Mario Maker is getting the handheld treatment.

The primary focus of Super Mario Maker for the 3DS is the ability to collaborate with friends on courses. Using the streetpass feature, you and your buddies can team up to make a Mario level. Some of the courses from the Wii U version will have an appearance. There’s 100 built-in levels, if you aren’t feeling like the creative type and would rather just play the game instead. Other than that, the 3DS version of Super Mario Maker is pretty much identical to what you expect from the Wii U version. The power is in the player’s hands to make their own 2D side-scrolling Mario levels, and then sharing those creations online with other people.

Super Mario Maker is headed to the Nintendo 3DS on December 2nd.