No Man’s Sky PC Mod Enhances Flight Experience


Hello Games No Man’s Sky grew a massive following before the game even hit store shelves. However, since the game launched, there are a few issues gamers are finding with the overall gameplay mechanics, one of the biggest deals with the ship and flight mechanics. Fortunately, if you’re a PC gamer, there’s a new mod that is enhancing the overall flight experience.

Known as LowFlight, this is quickly becoming a must have mod for No Man’s Sky. Overall, with the mod, gamers can now enjoy flight closer to the planet surface, rather than having the game automatically pull your ship up from crashing into the ground or mountains.

However, it was noted that gamers can wreck their ship if they continue to bump into the ground or hit objects. That’s not all, this mod will also allow gamers to traverse underwater with their ship, which is a feature that was hinted at in previous concept art for No Man’s Sky.

Finally, this mod does give players the ability to look in any direction while within their ships cockpit. Because gamers have expressed their desire to fly closer to the ground, this could very well be adapted to the full game from Hello Games.

Regardless, if you want to give the mod a go, you can download it from No Man’s Sky Mods.