New Clues Discovered For Upcoming Overwatch Character Sombra


Blizzard Entertainment has kept plenty of gamers interested in their first-person shooter, Overwatch. It’s quite possibly due to the wide range of characters that are present within the game that seems to be ever-growing. The latest character hero that has yet to be fully revealed is Sombra, a character that has left plenty of gamers digging through Overwatch posts, forums, and levels, for any potential clues that may point to the character identity.

Recently, a series of clues have been discovered, all of which has been started at an official Blizzard forum post. The post read “la que tiene la infomacion; tiene el poder” which is a Spanish phrase that has been translated to “she who has the information, has the power.”

If you stay on the post long enough it will glitch showcasing a code that was soon deciphered revealing the Sombra ASCII skull code. What’s more interesting is that a group of gamers managed to discover another code that lead them to a  hidden video where a Morse code revealed yet another clue leading gamers to a fake website for a TV show set within the Overwatch universe.

Within that website, there was an email for viewers to send tips and if emailed, gamers would receive a new clue along with more coding, that has yet to be solved.

It seems that we’re all hot on the trail to discovering more about Sombra and its taken plenty of gamers to work together in order to solve the series of clues, codes, and phrases.