Rift Triples in Size With Storm Legion Expansion


MMO developer Trion Worlds is setting out to triple Rift in size with the launch of the title's first ever expansion, Storm Legion.

The popular title, which is reported to be home to over a million active subscribers, will see the addition of two new continents to its already sizable world of Telara. In all, the two continents will triple the existing game in size and contain a host of content for players to experience.

The two continents are made up of the dark continent of Dusken, which is said to play on themes of horror and allows players to follow the story of Regulos, the dragon god of death. The other continent, Brevane, contains The Eternal City, where the civilizations of Telaran originally developed.

Both continents are said to offer independent storylines, and Trion Games intends to use them as a way to move away from its existing quest structure, offering proper stories rather than a glorified series of delivery missions.

In addition to all the new open world content and zone events, Storm Legion will raise the level cap to 60 (up from 50), dungeons, two new raids, and a new Chronicle.

Trion Worlds will be presenting Rift: Storm Legion at this year's E3.