Syndrome: Survival Horror In Deep Space


Gamescom 2016 has brought us yet another fantastic game, this time a survival horror adventure in deep space from Camel 101.

In Syndrome, you play as a dazed protagonist who wakes up, fighting the last vestiges of his cryosleep hibernation. But to his dismay, the crew seems to have gone missing, and once they are found they are too far gone to be saved, transformed into hideous monstrosities. Those who have died seemed to be the lucky ones…

He wanders the ship, finding and utilizing the few weapons he can to defend himself and survive. With an Alien: Isolation type feel, sometimes the protagonist must sneak and hide to avoid the monsters, deciding whether or not it is worth it to strike and risk his life.

You as the protagonist must carefully manage your resources, as there is not nearly enough ammunition to deal with these horrifying creatures. Learning the behavior of your enemies is also a key strategy for survival.

Along the way, you uncover clues about what exactly happened during your cryosleep, and what events led to the horror that you woke up to.

Syndrome will be available for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC.