Four New Pokemon Revealed, Continuing the Sun & Moon Announcement Streak


After yesterday’s reveal of Turtonator the explosion turtle, the folks over at team Pokemon have decided to follow-up on that with yet another reveal video. Today, we see the rest of the CoroCoro leaks were real, as the video shows off three of those critters. But a previously unknown Pokemon made it’s way into the mix, a crab named Crabrawler. These four are shown below as having a part in the Generation 7 Pokemon games.

Crabrawler packs one heck of a punch, with his pincers appearing to be a pair of boxing gloves. This would make sense considering he’s a Fighting type. Next up is a pair of Pokemon made of sand. Sandygast is a pile of sand with a shovel in it’s head, and is a Ghost type. Pallosand is the evolution of that, and is a much more sturdy sand castle, acting as a Ground type. Both of these sandy Pokemon have an ability called Water Compaction, make their defense stat go up by 2 points when hit with Water-type moves. The last of the new Pokemon is the pre-evolution of Bewear, named Stufful. Unlike their evolved counterpart, Stufful looks more like a red panda or raccoon creature rather than a bear, and they come equipped as a Normal/Fighting type Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon comes to Nintendo 3DS on November 18th. For the latest Pokemon news, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.

(Do you want to know how many Pokemon are in this generation so far? 39 have been revealed currently, not including the Alolan forms.)