Microsoft Already Looking Past Project Scorpio

Microsoft Phil Spencer

When Microsoft and Sony both announced that they are already looking to release a new console each it became quite the surprise to most gamers. After all, we’re still very early into this console generation, but both Microsoft and Sony have assured gamers that these new consoles will be part of the current generation rather than having consumers adapt to another system in order to enjoy the latest video game title releases.

In terms of Microsoft, the company has previously made remarks about closing the gap between console and PC. Furthermore, it was just earlier this week that Xbox marketing executive Aaron Greenberg stated that console generations as we traditionally know it, might be over.

One Microsoft fan decided to ask Xbox boss Phil Spencer if we are seeing the last console generation from the company after Project Scorpio releases.

According to Phil Spencer, the Xbox division at Microsoft is already looking past the Project Scorpio release that is set to launch next year. Unfortunately, we don’t know any further details and it’s not clear if Phil Spencer is referring to more console generations or if this would mean other upgrades to their Xbox One lineup.

As it stands right now, it seems that Microsoft is looking at console gaming as we view smartphones. After a short couple years, we tend to upgrade our smartphone to the latest model. Microsoft may soon adopt that tradition by releasing upgraded consoles with video games that would work across Xbox One lineup, but only time will tell.