Final Fantasy XV Director Reveals Why The Sudden Delay


If you are a big Final Fantasy gamer then we’re sure it came as quite the surprise when Square Enix revealed a two-month delay for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV video game. Now thanks to an IGN interview with Final Fantasy XV game director, Hajime Tabata, we now know why the development team decided to delay their upcoming video game launch.

Attending Gamescom, IGN spoke with Final Fantasy XV director, Hajime Tabata, to learn just why the development team opted to delay their upcoming video game launch by two months. As it turns out, the delay was to take their day one patch and put it directly onto the disc.

Originally, Square Enix had intended for gamers to download and install the day one patch that would ultimately add more content and optimization to the overall video game. However, as Hajime Tabata considered the select gamers who choose to enjoy their video games in an offline environment, he decided that he would take the time to bring the entire day one patch content straight into the disc.

“Originally I was thinking it would be okay and we could put all of the extra updates into a day-one patch. But at that point I learned there are maybe a lot of people out there who play in an offline environment and don’t have internet. When I found that out, thinking about it again, I’m glad I didn’t make that decision.”

Further into the interview, Tabata revealed that simply adding the content from their day one patch straight into the disc would only take one month. Although, the developers felt that using an extra month would allow enough time to further polish the video game.

“If you keep putting more volume and more content into the game, with that comes a load of extra debugging and polishing and optimization periods, so we really are concentrating on getting the volume and content we have at the moment, getting that really solid and really perfect for the final game.”

As of right now, Final Fantasy XV will be launching worldwide on November 29, 2016, for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.