How Much Will Xbox Scorpio Cost?


Microsoft is not talking specifics about Xbox Scorpio’s price just yet. However, in a new interview, Xbox marketing boss Aaron Greenberg said Microsoft views the system as a “premium product”.

This would suggest that the price point would be on the more expensive side, which is to be expected. This console is being referred to as the “most powerful console ever made.”

“Well, we think about it as a premium product,” Greenberg told DualShockers. “From that standpoint, it is going to be a very high-end product.”

The executive continued, saying that it’s not uncommon for PC gamers to spend “thousands of dollars” on a 4k-compatible gaming rig. He said he’s excited about figuring out how to bring 4k gaming “at a scale to a really big audience in the console space”. This places the Scorpio price point at an impressive sub-$1000.

Greenberg added that Microsoft is “not talking at all about more more details about that” right now, instead electing to save those details for later.

Greenberg went on to say what he and other Microsoft executives have been saying about Scorpio since its E3 announcement. The idea that the traditional console generation may be over.┬áIn the DualShockers interview, Greenberg referred to this as “gaming beyond console generations.”

“If you put the gamer at the center of everything we do, the content that they own should be able to come with them from device to device,” he said. “That’s why we’re bringing our games to Xbox Play Anywhere and across PC, with will also be able to come with them from console to console. That’s really part of that vision and we’re really excited to be able to innovate and to do that over the next year.”

Scorpio launches holiday 2017.