Solbrain Knight of Darkness Has Stolen Game Assets


With the great advantages that new technology makes for video game development, it also creates easy ways for people looking to cut corners and “borrow” assets to do so. Brought to our attention by Samuel Guglielmo of TechRaptor, a new PS4 game titled Solbrain Knight of Darkness seems heavily influenced by other media. So heavy, that it’s stolen.

One of the first initial reports that have surfaced point out the comparisons between one of the game’s shields and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. When you step back and look at Solbrain’s shield and the Dragonscale Shield, it might raise some eyebrows.

SolbrainSkyrimTechRaptor did a comparison of the music used in the trailer, to track #17 off of Ori and the Blind Forest. The visual comparisons between the soundtrack waves alone are similar in appearance, on top of the actual audio files in itself.


A developer from Ori and the Blind Forest commented on the matter, seeming to reaffirm the concerns raised by TechRaptor’s report. “Whoa, they just stole our music from Ori and the Blind Forest 🙁 ” Thomas Mahler wrote.


Lastly when you take into consideration the Twitter profile of Lightning Game Studios (the developers behind the game), another instance of asset-lifting can be traced back to a Deviantart account’s work.


If there’s a logical explanation for any of these instances, we’ll update you as they arrive. Solbrain Knight of Darkness is available on PS4, PC, and Mac.