Half-Life 3 Gamescom Poster Trolls Attendees


Valve fans have been eagerly awaiting a number of third installments to their favorite franchises, such as Left 4 Dead, Portal, and more importantly, Half-Life. Gamescom this year has trolled a number of attendees thanks to one massive poster that proudly swayed in the wind outside of the convention center.

According to VG247, if you attended Gamescom, you would have noticed the bright orange poster with big bold white word “Half-Life: 3”. This might have left plenty of gamers at awe as from a mere look at the poster would have suggested the announcement of a third Half-Life installment.

Since 2007, fans have been waiting for a conclusion to the cliffhanger within Half-Life 2: Episode 2. Unfortunately, if you’re a fan of the Half-Life series then you’ll still have to wait until Valve makes the official announcement for the third installment.

Instead of the game, this poster was promoting a panel. The entire poster reads Half-Life: 3 editors who played it back then. This was clever little marketing from two German companies, GIGA games, and Spieletipps.

As for news regarding Half-Life 3, we’re still right where we left off. There have been little snippets of information that has made its way online though for the most part news has merely been rumors and speculation pieces.

Perhaps we’ll finally see third installments to a number of video game franchises from Valve, but that very well could be wishful thinking.