EA Continues To Praise Star Wars Battlefront


When Star Wars Battlefront was first announced, there was plenty of gamers interested in the title. This would after all bring back one of the most beloved video game series within the Star Wars franchise. However, after the game released, players were quickly dissatisfied with the content or should I say, the lack of content.

That’s not stopping EA from being thrilled at their release with new comments stating that the publishers are “overjoyed” with the video game IP.

Electronic Arts recently held a quarterly financial conference call where CEO Andrew Wilson, made comments on how well the performance of Star Wars Battlefront was executed.

Likewise, it was revealed that over six million players logged into the game during the first quarter. We wouldn’t mind seeing just where the number stands today.

While it’s surprising that the publishers seeing the game as a success, it’s not shocking to see that the developers behind the title are continuing to push out content for the game.

After all, it was rather recent that Electronic Arts killed off an already popular fan game of Star Wars Battlefront in hopes that no other title will sway potential consumers from their product.

According to Andrew Wilson, gamers can expect to see more movie tie-in content while Electronic Arts continues to hold a deal with Lucasfilm. We will likely see content that is based off the upcoming Star Wars Rogue One among other Star Wars media installments until EA launches their sequel to Star Wars Battlefront.

With the backlash that EA received from gamers due to the lack of content in Star Wars Battlefront, we’re curious to see if these issues are addressed fully for the coming sequel. Most notably, we hope to see a single player campaign present right out of the box.