EA’s Sales Expectations for Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2


EA published the earnings report for the first quarter of FY2017 overnight. The report seemed to be generally positive, even without a lot of details about the hard sales data.

A post-earnings call with CEO Andrew Wilson, CFO Blake Jorgensen, and others revealed the company’s sales for its two biggest shooters of the year, Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2.

“We’ve told people that typically a Battlefield title does about 15 million in a year,” CFO Blake Jorgensen said. “Our guidance is slightly under that. And we hope that that excitement builds and it will clearly go through that number. But for right now, it’s slightly under that number.”

For Titanfall 2, Jorgensen said the first game sold a bit over 7 million copies. “We think it’ll do more than that, but it’s probably closer to 10 million than it is to 15 million as built into our guidance,” he went on. “So closer to 9 million to 10 million on Titanfall and just under 15 million on Battlefield 1.”

These sales figures seem to be optimistic and an interesting insight into what EA is predicting for the release of both games.

Battlefield 1’s release date is October 21 with Titanfall 2 due October 28.