New Pokemon Sun and Moon Images Sighted

PokemonSunMoonGirlRunsInTrafficIf you want to catch up on every piece of Pokemon Sun and Moon news up to this point, I wrote about all that here a while ago. But it seems we have more to look forward to, according to some new images posted via Amazon Japan’s page for the game.

The most eye-catching of these reveals was the inclusion of a shot of a Pokemon Center somewhere in Alola, in addition to the Rotom Pokedex doubling as a navigation map on the bottom part of the screen. It’s a really detailed map, too. It looks like the Pokemon universe finally upgraded to satellite tracking or something like that.


If that wasn’t enough Pokemon news for you, the upcoming games are rumored to have some sort of Pokemon Go connectivity featured added in. That’s an enticing offer, considering the renewed interest in the video game series this past month.

These images are apparently part of some sort of reveal that The Pokemon Company has in store for August 1st. Pokemon Sun and Moon will arrive for the Nintendo 3DS on November 18th. For the latest Pokemon news, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.