Microsoft Reveals Xbox Live Gamertags Will Expire


You better be an active member on Xbox Live, or at least a somewhat active member, as you very well could lose that creative gamertag. After Microsoft updated their service agreement, WCCF Tech found that the company has made some changes to their Xbox Live agreements and it very well could cause some gamers to lose out on their gamertags.

Gamers don’t have to be very active at all in order to not lose their Xbox Live gamertag. In fact, according to the latest changes on Microsoft’s service agreement, players only have to log in once in five years. If you fail to login after five years then you will find your gamertag has been deleted and could be claimed by someone else.

This isn’t a bad deal on Microsoft’s part as they are giving gamers an ample amount of time for them to actively keep their gamertag if they so choose to. Likewise, this will give new Xbox Live gamers a wider selection of gamertags to decide upon when first creating their account rather than keeping those long inactive gamertags locked away.

We, of course, want to hear your thoughts on the matter. There’s bound to be some pretty creative gamertags that could be available from gamers that are simply not playing Xbox Live anymore which could be free for others to claim. Let us know how you feel about the latest changes to Microsoft’s service agreement by leaving us a comment down below.