Open Beta for Ghost in the Shell Online Game is Coming Soon


The full name of the upcoming free-to-play online game from Nexon America is Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex – First Assault Online. But that’s a very long name. For the sake of sanity, we’ll just call it First Assault. The game is entering open beta on July 28th. The game had previous Early Access related offerings, but this is the first time availability of it is widespread.

You are a part of the master class task force known as Section 9, and in First Assault you and your cyber-augmented combat skills will go up against super-hacker terrorism in order to protect Japan. The game is a tactical first-person shooter where you and your squad need to coordinate together in order to pull off missions. The key feature of that is known as the SkillSync system, allowing you to share skills with allies when they need it. Before this open beta, the game had a cast of 8 different operatives to pick from, each of them having a different style of play. This versatility is important, as First Assault‘s three gameplay modes made various situational demands of the player.

Now with the open beta, an update launching alongside that will bring the character total to 9, and the gameplay modes to 4. Naturally performance optimizations will happen with that as well, in order to make everything for the beta go smoothly.

To learn more about First Assault and apply for the open beta, see the website. Also, check the Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates about the game as they happen.