The Walking Dead Season Three Screenshots Released


Telltale Games really struck gold when they released The Walking Dead, a video game that is based on The Walking Dead universe but with a new set of characters. So far gamers only got a chance to play through two seasons of this episodic series with the third season set to follow this fall. While we wait for the first episode to launch, check out some of the latest screenshots to have released online.

During a Comic-Con International panel today, Telltale Games showed off a few new screenshots for their upcoming The Walking Dead Season Three release. This time around, the developers have opted to allow new gamers to easily jump into the story without having to play the first two seasons.

For those of you who have played the past two seasons, the upcoming season will once again follow Clementine but now she’s in her teens, along with a new survivor named Javier. Likewise, similar to the first season of the game, Clementine will be watching over a young child named A.J. much like Lee did with Clementine.

As mentioned, you can get your hands on the first episode of The Walking Dead Season 3 at some point this fall. So far, the platforms have yet to be officially listed though it’s safe to assume that the third season will be available on current generation consoles, PC , along with iOS and Android.