Get Lost in the Artful World of Seasons After Fall

SeasonsAfterFallTitleHeaderSeasons After Fall by Swing Swing Submarine is a game that wants to take you on a journey through a beautiful nature world. This atmospheric puzzle platformer puts you in the role of a magical Fox with the ability to swift seasons. The overall task at hand is they need to traverse the wooded wonderland in order to reach the Guardians of the Seasons. This video from the developers will give you a brief look into the hand-painted visual style of Seasons After Fall.

As mentioned earlier, the core gameplay mechanic here is that you control a fox that has the power to change seasons at will. This ability comes in handy throughout his journey across the forest, as new gameplay paths open up as a result of this manipulation. Want to make your way around a waterfall? Send the world into winter, freezing the water to allow safe passage. Get stuck and lost in the thicket somewhere? Bring on the season of Spring to bloom the flowers as a guide to a new way forward. There aren’t any enemies, which helps with the immersion factor.

But if you wanted something with more classic video game elements, a title with a similar premise was the subject of an article here a few days ago. If climate-controlling fox protagonists is going to be a new trend for video games, I hereby welcome our new furry overlords. Jokes aside, it would seriously be an interesting study to see how two different video game studios develop their own take on a shared premise.

Seasons After Fall comes out on PC sometime in 2016. If you want to gaze at the game’s art, go on over to their website, Twitter, and Facebook.