Six New Sun and Moon Pokemon Revealed! (And New Gameplay Features)

SixNewSunMoonPokemonHeaderThe official Pokemon channel just announced six newcomers to the Sun and Moon games. Two of these were hinted at during a leak last week, but they’ve now got a full and formal announcement trailer. With this announcement, it looks like the seventh generation of Pokemon games will be a sizeable force.

The six new Pokemon are Wimpod (Bug/Water), Bounsweet (Grass), Comfey (Fairy), Mudsdale (Ground), Bewear (Normal/Fighting), and Mimikyu (Ghost/Fairy). The last two of these were previously spotted in a CoroCoro leak a while ago.

But in the last fifteen seconds of the trailer, we got a quick glimpse at new Pokemon gameplay mechanics set to be introduced in the upcoming games.


The newly revealed Hyper Training function will change the Pokemon meta-game forever. Before Sun and Moon, it was all about the journey to level 100. Training a Pokemon’s stats with careful calculation in order to make the pinnacle fighting machine a player wanted in order to battle online. But now Hyper Training allows level 100 Pokemon to push even harder in their trainer, thanks to Mr. Hyper and his Bottle Caps (the item that allows you to carry out Hyper Training).


The new training features will come in handy for the Online and Live competition features being added to the Pokemon game. Trainers can host their own competitions online, and gather with their friends to battle by a set of rules determined among themselves. In order to optimally arrange this, it looks like the changes will have some effect on X and Y as well as Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is set to arrive on November 18th for the Nintendo 3DS. For up to the minute Pokemon, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.