Coming Soon: Bohemian Killing

BohemianKillingHeaderThe Bohemian Killing by IQ Publishing is releasing in the next few days. This crime-thriller title that has you taking the role of Alfred Ethon as he’s accused of a serious crime, and has to work to clear his name. But did this cunning gypsy actually murder someone? You’ll be adventuring back and forth 19th-century France to find out.

As stated above, the outcome of the charges against Ethan results in the choices you’re forced to make along the way. Sure, there’s the small denials, lies, and chances to mislead the authorities. But will it spiral out of control? Soon you might find yourself manipulating evidence or blaming other people outright instead.

Stephane Cornicard who was in Spectre as well as Saving Private Ryan will be lending his voice for the main character of the Bohemian Killing. You want to see more of the game? It’s out on July 21st for PC, Mac, and Linux. Their steam page is over here, and for updates and news, check out their website and Facebook.