Now Available: Fallout Shelter for PC, Update 1.6

FalloutShelterPCHeaderThe surprising success of Fallout Shelter has carried it along now through one whole year of release. Since then, the game’s core foundation has been drastically expanded upon and fleshed out more. The latest of these new updates is 1.6, which came out today along with the Fallout Shelter PC release.

Update 1.6 is all about going out into the Wasteland, and exploring locations (like the Red Rocket Fuel Stop and Super Duper Mart) with your Dwellers. The combat system received a much needed overhaul, as there’s going to be a lot of conflict happening during your travels. There are new classic Fallout enemies like Radscorpions and Ghouls, in addition to boss fights in some areas. If you want your Dwellers to instantly come back after a long quest, or have them instantly accomplish tasks, there’s a Nuka-Cola Quantum option available to you.

To play the game on PC, you’ll need to use the launcher. Also commemorating the year long mark, Bethesda made an infographic showing some stats.

FalloutShelter_Infographic_071316_1468503902With over 50 million overseers: there were 660,742,811 babies born, 715,740,796 Dwellers have explored the wasteland (262,328,318 died out there), and cumulatively the community has racked up 265,356,294 hours played across 5,141,319,075 game sessions. There were 2,733,861,282 vault disasters: with 995,106,621 Radroach infestations, 341,531,755 Raider attacks, and 85,676,522 Deathclaw invasions. This probably resulted in the 30,249,700 weapons that were crafted, and 56,014,480 pets Overseers adopted.

Fallout Shelter is available on iOS, Android, and now PC via the Bethesda Launcher.