Guild Wars 2 Announces Living World Season 3

GW2-RaidWing3-WMstronghold-560x280On July 26th, the Living World will return to Guild Wars 2.

The story will continue where the third raid wing ended, which is after Mordremoth’s death and the reemergence of the White Mantle and their fallen gods, named the Mursaat. The official trailer for the new season is featured below.

Out of the Shadows is the first episode of the Living World released from Season 3.  This episode will take a bold step, rewriting everything known about magic use in Guild Wars 2 thus far.

This is due to the release of an exorbitant amount of energy after Mordremoth’s death. This led to the creation of very new and very unstable sources of magic that certain individuals are clamoring to possess.

The turnaround time for the release of these episodes is expected to be slower than previous Living World seasons. Episodes are expected every 2-3 months, but these episodes will contain more than just new story content.

Episode 1 promises a new fractal with elements combined from previous fractals. PvP and WvW are expected to be the content released in addition to story content in each episode for season 3.