Adam Sessler Departs G4 Over Contractual Dispute

Adam Sessler

G4's Adam Sessler has departed the network, Kotaku has confirmed. His departure comes as the result of a contractual dispute and he and the network aren't ending their relationship on good terms.

Sessler co-hosted G4's X-Play from 1998 until today. For many, he was the only on-air personality who's opinions on games could be taking seriously. He was also the Editor-in-Chief of all game related content on the network.

He's always been one the gaming reporters I look up to, personally. I wish him the best of luck and can't wait to see what he does next. Find his representative's statement on the matter below:

Television personality Adam Sessler and TV network G4 are parting ways, with Adam's last episode as host of G4's "X-Play" airing on the network today, Wednesday, April 25. Adam has been hosting the show since it first aired as ZDTV's "Gamespot TV" in July 1998 and he also served as Editor In Chief of games content at G4. His current projects include starring as himself in the Summer 2012 movie "noobz" and consulting with a film production company on theatrical feature adaptations of video games. Adam intends to stay in front of the camera and continue as a key voice within the games industry. He also sings and is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs.