Coming Soon: Cunning Stunts – A New GTA Online Expansion


Grand Theft Auto Online has decided to take a different direction for their next expansion update. Cunning Stunts intends to push the gameplay into a new daring direction. Check out their announcement trailer they uploaded today, revealing what’s coming your way.

It almost seems like a Hot Wheels type of experience. This Cunning Stunts expansion aims to transform the world of Los Santos into a stage of its own, making skyward tracks and loop-de-loops populate the landscape for what looks like one of the most creative uses of the world yet.

To help navigate this new and crazy world, there will be new Sports cars, Motorbikes, and Super cars available to use. To look the part, you’ll be able to equip your character with new motocross gear and racing suits, alongside various other cosmetic add-ons. GTA Online: Cunning Stunts is set to release on July 12th. You can read the full update here on Rockstar’s website, where there’s more pictures of this update in action.

It’s something that words don’t do full justice for.