Plays.TV DOTA 2 Update Makes Highlight Creations Easier Than Ever


If you tried making a highlights montage of any video game, then you’ve likely learned that creating these videos is a lot harder than it appears. Yes, there are a bunch of short clips put together, but narrowing these clips down, to begin with, can be time-consuming and ultimately means that gamers are spending more time editing than playing the video game. That may soon change for DOTA 2 at least. is a piece of software that can capture gameplay, but that’s not the special aspect of this software. Instead, the developers created a new tool for DOTA 2 that would allow the software to automatically register and record clips of kills made during the game.

This would greatly reduce the amount of time trying to pinpoint all those moments during the game in which shows the player’s greatest moments. Check out everything that would be registered in DOTA 2 and used to create these clips down below.

  • Kills
  • Killstreak
  • Multi-Kill
  • Deny
  • Assist
  • Death
  • Suicide
  • Tower Destroyed
  • Barracks Destroyed
  • Roshan Kill
  • Courier Kill

Additionally, the piece of software would also automatically create a match highlights with pre-selected clips that would be ready to share online with no editing required. Regardless, players can still go through the various clips and make a highlights clip that would be more suitable for their liking.