Overwatch’s Best D.Va Cosplayers

D.Va has quickly risen to become one of Overwatch’s most beloved characters. With her cute and spunky personality and strong desire to win,she has won over many with her charms. D.Va competes with all of her heart as a previous professional gamer now turned MEKA pilot. With her adoring fanbase behind her, along with an intense desire to defend her country from an omnic monstrosity, her fast reflexes and merciless attacks are nothing to be messed with!

D.Va is a mobile tank designed specifically as a disruptor who does best in close-combat situations with the enemy. Using her fusion cannons she can tear through even the toughest competition. And watch out for her self-destructing MEKA, which is her ultimate… you certainly don’t want to get caught in its path!

These cosplayers have absolutely captured D.Va’s spunk and spirit in the best of ways and show not only a love of the game, but a love of their craft of cosplay