Pokemon Game Recreated Through Minecraft


Gamers can really get creative when it comes to the video game Minecraft. We’ve seen all sorts of maps based off of real and fictional locations, standalone adventures, and tons of mods. However, from time-to-time, there are some things that really just blow us away, such as the functioning facetime calls within Minecraft itself. Now, we have a recreated Pokemon Red version video game that for the most part works within Minecraft.

The creator is known as MrSquishyYT though his real name is Matt. In a recent interview with htxt.africa, Matt went over some the details about his new Minecraft creation. Pokemon Red originally released back in 1996 for the Nintendo Game Boy, now years later, the game is available right within  Minecraft, but there are some limitations still.

While this is not Matt’s first Minecraft project when it comes to recreating video games, he did one of the Pacman last year, this is still a learning process. In fact, admittedly, Matt is still trying to complete the entire game while issues still remain within various menus and options.

“Most start menu systems are complete (Pokedex, party menu, item menu, options). Wild encounters are finished, including animations and logic for 165 moves, experience gaining, leveling, moveset learning, and evolutions. The world is completely built out and it is possible to move between areas.

Minecraft really doesn’t like running things in 2D, and there are a whole slew of rendering issues resulting from that.  For example, if you display a semi-transparent texture before another texture, that second texture will not render.  It’s also been a challenge to keep everything as lightweight as possible to minimize potential lag.”

Though the Minecraft map is still very much in development, you can still expect to see it available for download upon its completion.