Here’s How PlanetSide’s Servers Ended For Good

You may never have played the original PlanetSide, but there’s a good chance you went through PlanetSide 2, a free-to-play MMO first-person shooter that is currently available for both PC and PlayStation 4. Regardless, after thirteen long years, the original PlanetSide video game servers has officially closed. If you missed out on logging in for the last few minutes, take a look at the video above to see just how the development studio, Sony Online Entertainment, ended the servers.

It’s pretty interesting to see just how the end of PlanetSide was decided upon. Luckily, Steven Messner managed to log on with his fellow PlanetSide friends to enjoy the final moments of their never-ending war game. As it turns out, the developers opted to take the meteor shower route, slowly destroying the planet and its hosts.

Once players were killed, they were met with a connection issue. We have to give props to the development studio for not simply shutting the servers off, but giving its players an interactive sendoff. For now, gamers who were previously enjoying PlanetSide can make the jump to its sequel, which is more or less the same game with an updated visuals and enhanced gameplay mechanics.